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Academics: Career knowledge (DMN NeighborsGo, March 2013)

Academics: Christmas Spirit Alive (DMN NeighborsGo, December 2012)

Academics: Simulations help students understand disabilities (DMN NeighborsGo, December 2012) 

Academics: Students, families test out new science lab (DMN NeighborsGo, October 2012)

Academics: Mary Immaculate scores 82 ribbons in academic contest (DMN NeighborsGo, Apr. 2012)

Academics: Mary Immaculate students bring history to life (DMN NeighborsGo, June 2012)

Academics (Cross-Curricular): Course of study (DMN NeighborsGo, Mar. 2012)

Academics (Cross-Curricular): Farmers Branch students follow Alaskan dog race (DMN NeighborsGo, Mar. 2012)

Academics (STEM): Learning takes flight for fifth graders (DMN NeighborsGo, May 2011)

Academics (Cross-Curricular): Students taste world with Enterprise City (DMN NeighborsGo, Feb. 2010)

Academics (Cross-Curricular): Budding Inventors (DMN NeighborsGo, Mar. 2010)


Athletics: Highsteppers drill team earns honors (DMN NeighborsGo, September 2012)

Athletics: Mustangs end season with championship win (DMN NeighborsGo, Mar. 2012)

Athletics: Mavericks coach shares time, talents with students (DMN NeighborsGo, Dec. 2011)

Athletics: Going Swimmingly: Unprecedented Five Team Trophies in Swim Meet (DMN NeighborsGo, Nov. 2010)


Civic Service: Students perform carols at Senior Center (DMN NeighborsGo, December 2014)

Civic Service: Filling a Need (DMN NeighborsGo, November 2013)

Civic Service: One for the books (DMN NeighborsGo, September 2012)

Civic Service: Stepping forward to help (Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind Beacon, Fall 2011)

Civic Service: Students donate over $30,000 to help the visually impaired (DMN NeighborsGo, May 2011)

Civic Service: Drive collects children’s books for service members, families (DMN NeighborsGo, Feb. 2011)

Civic Service: Students go green for Earth Week (DMN NeighborsGo, Apr. 2010)

Civic Service: Spirit of giving: Students help out during holidays (DMN NeighborsGo, Jan. 2010)


Community: Scholarship applications open to students (DMN NeighborsGo, December 2014)

Community: Workshop teaches girls about high school, friends (DMN NeighborsGo, April 2013)

Community: Noteworthy performance (DMN NeighborsGo, March 2013)

Community: Labor of Love (DMN Neighbors Go, March 2013)

Community: Community should focus on inclusion of all (DMN NeighborsGo, January 2013)

Community: Scholarship applications open to students (DMN NeighborsGo, January 2013)

Community: Student walks in stride with God by his side (The Texas Catholic, January 2013)

Community: Courtroom Class (DMN NeighborsGo, January 2013)

Community: Strides and Struggles (Dallas Morning News Cover, December 2012)

Community: Culinary arts class (DMN NeighborsGo, November 2012)

Community: A glimpse into blindness (Dallas Morning News Cover, November 2012)

Community: Holy Cow! The Rev. Michael Forge finds peace raising cattle (DMN NeighborsGo, October 2012)

Community: A flicker of hope (Dallas Morning News Metro, September 2012)

Community: Article on Catholic Education (Revista Católica Dallas, September 2012)

Community: First Day of School Photos (DMN NeighborsGo, August 2012)

Community: Rebekah’s legacy (DMN NeighborsGo, August 2012)

Community: Fathers more than what media makes of them (DMN NeighborsGo, June 2012)

Community: Unified Rivals (DMN NeighborsGo, Sept. 2011)

Community: Technology helping boy fill gap as his sight fades (Dallas Morning News, Aug. 2011)

Community: Hear what he can learn (Dallas Morning News Metro, June 2011)

Community: Boy loses vision, not school support (Dallas Morning News Metro, May 2011)

Community: 8-year-old boy slowly going blind (Fox 4 News, Apr. 2011) 

Community: FB parents say their children will stay in private schools despite possiblity of new schools (Dallas Morning News, Apr. 2011)

Community: 8-year-old boy, going blind, embraces life with the sight he has left (Dallas Morning News, Mar. 2011)

Community: Losing his vision, 8-year-old embraces the challenge (Dallas Morning News Front Page, Mar. 2011)

Community: Lewisville 8-year-old learns to live without sight (DMN Online Video, Mar. 2011) 

Community: Eye opening friendship at Farmers Branch School (WFAA News 11, Feb. 2011)

Community: Rival schools join forces to boost giving campaigns (DMN NeighborsGo, Jan. 2011)

Community: Classroom Crush (DMN NeighborsGo, Feb. 2011)

Community: Volunteer has unusual encounter (DMN NeighborsGo, Oct. 2010)


Extracurricular: Girl Scouts volunteer at Rose Show (DMN NeighborsGo, Nov. 2011)

Extracurricular: Girl Scouts learn ways to serve school, city, more (DMN NeighborsGo, Nov. 2010)

Extracurricular: Brownies cross to next scouting stage (DMN NeighborsGo, Jun. 2010)


Financial Development: Camera Ready (DMN NeighborsGo, May 2013)

Financial Development: Mary Immaculate receives $30,000 renovation grant (DMN NeighborsGo, May 2012)


Faculty Achievements: Rose Harrelson named teacher of the year (DMN NeighborsGo, May 2013)

Faculty Achievements: Principal honored as distinguished alumni (DMN NeighborsGo, February 2013)

Faculty Achievements: Best in Class: A personality for educating (DMN NeighborsGo, Apr. 2012)

Faculty Achievements: Farmers Branch teacher honored (DMN NeighborsGo, Apr. 2012)

Faculty Achievements: Sherry McCord named Teacher of the Year (DMN NeighborsGo, Mar. 2012)

Faculty Achievements: Farmers Branch teacher Dana Beachner honored  (DMN NeighborsGo, Feb. 2012)

Faculty Achievements: Farmers Branch teacher honored by foundation (DMN NeighborsGo, Dec. 2011)


Student Achievements: Mary Immaculate students win scholarships (DMN NeighborsGo, June 2012)

Student Achievements: Matthew Griffin invited to statewide competition (DMN NeighborsGo, Mar. 2012)

Student Achievements: Mary Immaculate students excel at Dallas speech meet (DMN NeighborsGo, Oct. 2011)

Student Achievements: Celebrating Service: Juniors earn Bronze Awards through commitment to helping community (DMN NeighborsGo, June 2011)

Student Achievements: MIS Students earn scholarships (DMN NeighborsGo, May 2011)

Student Achievements: Author teaches Girl Scouts, helps them earn badge (DMN NeighborsGo, Mar. 2011)

Student Achievements: Silver sweethearts: Girls aid others, earn awards (DMN NeighborsGo, Jun. 2010)

Student Achievements: Eighth-grade grads get scholarships (DMN NeighborsGo, Jun. 2010)


Spiritual Activities: Students participate in choir festival (DMN NeighborsGo, Apr. 2011)

Spiritual Activities: Students reflect on, reenact Stations of the Cross (DMN NeighborsGo, Mar. 2010)



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