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MIS offers all school families access to web based pages that allow faculty to create web pages for information exchange as well as allowing confidential access to student grades. Visit our Renweb page to get a better understanding of this web based tool.

Faith First

MIS uses the Be My Disciple line of Religious Education books and materials for all levels of religious education. Click Be My Disciple to access the Be My Disciple web site.


MIS uses the Saxon Mathematics books and materials for grades K-3 of mathematics education. Click Saxon Mathematics to access the Saxon Mathematics web site. Pearson enVision Math is used for grades 4 and 5. Grade 6 uses Pearson Course 2 Mathematics, grade 7 uses Pearson Pre-Algebra and grade 8 uses Pearson Algebra 1. Visit the Pearson Math web site for further information on these course materials.

Accelerated Reader

MIS utilizes the Accelerated Reader program to encourage independent reading in grades 1 through 6. Click Accelerated Reader to access more information on the accelerated reader program. To aid students in selection of reading material associated with the Accelerated Reader program, MIS also offers the web based Quizlist. Use the MIS Quizlist Interactive search tool at MIS QUIZLIST AR Search

Online Textbooks

MIS offers access to online versions of specific textbooks in grades 4 through 8. Click Online Textbooks to access these books.

Knowledge Links

MIS has developed a lists of links to web sites which can be accessed to assist in the educational process. Click Knowledge Links to access these link lists.

Honor Roll

MIS is proud to recognize high achieving students in grades 6 through 8 in First Honors (overall GPA above 90%) and Second Honors (overall GPA above 85%) each grading quarter.

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