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Many people new to Catholic schools do not realize that the cost to operate the school and provide a quality education to each child enrolled exceeds the tuition rate charged per child. This difference between tuition and the total expenses is often termed the "tuition gap". All Catholic schools in the Diocese of Dallas have a tuition gap.

For most schools, including MIS, the gap is covered by the proceeds from various fundraisers during the year, endowment fund distributions, and Parish subsidies to the school. In addition, Mary Immaculate Church also pays many school operating/maintenance expenses directly. Your contribution through tuition, the Annual Giving Campaign and through the school auction is extremely important in helping us provide a quality Catholic education for your child. 

Financial Aid

Those requesting financial assistance should contact the school office at the time of registration. There are three forms of financial assistance that can be applied for, and they can all addressed at the time your child is accepted for enrollment at MIS:

Tuition Assistance through Mary Immaculate Parish: The main forms of tuition assistance through Mary Immaculate Parish are:

  • a reduced tuition rate for multiple students enrolled at MIS for parishioner families.

  • and a supportive tuition rate for parishioner families.

Since MIS is a ministry of Mary Immaculate Parish, reduced tuition is offered to Catholic families (at least one parent Catholic with student who is baptized Catholic) who register with the parish and who support Mary Immaculate Parish at a minimum of $800 during each calendar year.
- Families new to Mary Immaculate School can make the $800 donation to the church before or at the time enrollment is accepted to be eligible for supportive tuition status. Families that do not make their tithe before or at time of accepting enrollment will NOT be eligible for the school year for which they are enrolling.
- A current school family must have contributed a minimum of $800 to Mary Immaculate Parish by December 15 (prior to re-registration in January) to receive supportive family rates for the upcoming school year. Enrolled school families that do not complete the donation of $800 by that time will be assessed the non-supportive rate for tuition.

Tuition Assistance through St. Ann Parish: St. Ann Parish in Coppell offers financial assistance through Mary Immaculate School for parishioners who have actively participated at St. Ann Parish and who demonstrate financial need. To be initially eligible for St. Ann Tuition Assistance, a family/student must: - Be an active parishioner at St. Ann Parish; - Demonstrate financial need; - Meet the entrance requirements of the Mary Immaculate Catholic School; - Be accepted for admission to grades K–8 and enrolled in this school; and - Be current with all financial obligations due to any Catholic school within the diocese. Please contact the school office for an application at the time of registration.

Diocesan Tuition Assistance: Although tuition at Mary Immaculate School and at other Catholic schools within the Diocese of Dallas continues to be an excellent value as compared to the tuition in other dioceses and in private schools, we realize that it puts a serious strain on some budgets. The Charles and Elaine Sammons Tuition Assistance Fund, of the Dallas Diocesan Education Endowment Trust, has been established for the purpose of providing tuition assistance to parents who desire to educate their children in a Catholic school in the Diocese of Dallas.  Financial aid is available to eligible students enrolled whose families can demonstrate the need for financial assistance in order to afford a Catholic school education. Click here for more information. Enrollment in the school and completion of the tuition assistance form is due by the end of March.

Emergency Tuition Assistance: Emergency tuition assistance is available during the school year only to currently enrolled school families, on a limited basis, for those who demonstrate need. Please contact the school office for an application.


Please note that Children's Education Fund through The Today Foundation is no longer available.

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