Back to School Prep!


To make the first week of school as seamless as possible, please review this page and click on purple headers/links for details. (In lieu of a "“Back to School Prep Day” we’re doing everything online.) For ongoing information, we invite you to “favorite” parent news (button on the right) as you’ll refer there throughout the year.


We want to ensure your child’s first day at MIS is successful and fun! That’s why we have a New Student orientation (Aug. 14 from 9-10 am) specifically for kinder families! On that day, your family will learn who your kindergarten teacher and classmates will be! Please print, complete, and bring in:

  1. Kinder Supplemental Supply list

  2. Student info sheet

Please also review the Lunch Reminder and Safe Environment information sheet before school starts. We look forward to seeing you soon!


MIS contracts with Twelve Oaks Catering to provide fresh, nutritious lunches to students. Click here to complete the lunch room application form.

mary immaculate dads (MIDs)

Our students love seeing their dads doing SO MUCH throughout the school! Whether it’s the paintathon, the scavenger hunt or more! Why is it that the dads get all the messy, fun things?! Click the header to visit the MID page.

parent teacher club (PTC)

The PTC facilitates various events for the school from spiritual enrichment to teacher appreciation to fundraising. Click the header to be directed to the PTC page and learn how your family can get involved. Click here for the PTC Facebook page.

safe environment program (SEP)

If you plan to be a coach, a field trip chaperone, or any other volunteer, the Diocese of Dallas requires you are SEP cleared. Visitors must also sign in and have a printed name-tag. Click the header for details or contact Cathy Carmack at

school supplies

School supplies are available online or you may purchase them yourself. Items that are available through the school may be purchased the first day of school (Aug. 15) at the Spirit Store. Click the header to see the lists by grade and directions to order online.

Traffic pattern: Drop-Off, Pick-Up

Click the header to see the traffic pattern for drop-off and pick-up.


Uniforms may be purchased online or in person at Risse Brothers. Click the header for details.


Yearbooks will be handed out in classrooms. Watch your email for details to purchase one if you haven’t ordered it yet. Contact Jenny with questions at

60th Diamond Jubilee

Students will celebrate Mary Immaculate School’s Diamond Jubilee throughout the year. On the first day of school, each student will receive a T-shirt.* Students will wear the T-shirt on the second day of school with uniform bottoms and create a living “60” on the playground! The school year will be divided into three 60-day triads with each triad focusing on a different virtue of faith, hope and love.

advisory council

The School Advisory Council advises the pastor and serves as the policy making body for the school.


Athletic forms may be turned into Sandy Hughes at the Spirit Store on Aug. 15. Click the header to be directed to the MIS Athletics page where you’ll find more information about MIS Athletics, the Doodlio App (required for sports registration), Sports Study Hall, and more.


Throughout the year, parents can receive information as follows:


Mary Immaculate relies on the generosity of friends and family to keep tuition affordable. We hold an Annual Giving Campaign, several everyday fundraisers, and apply for grants to help us toward this goal.

  • Our Annual Giving Campaign covers the ‘gap’ between tuition and the actual cost to educate each student. You can double your gift by asking your company if they provide matching gifts!

  • Foundations provide grants in specific areas. The grant amounts often rely on the percentage of staff/family participation in the Annual Campaign.

  • Everyone can help Mary Immaculate when they grocery shop, use Amazon, and more! Click here for Everyday Fundraising - and we hope you’ll invite grandparents, alumni, family and friends to help too!

extended day program (EDP)

Parents interested in enrolling their child(ren) for EDP may click the header for information about the 2019-20 program and must turn in a completed registration form no later than Aug. 1, 2019 to Mrs. Burgin will be available on Aug. 15 just outside the art room. EDP will begin the second day of school (Aug. 16). Click here to be directed to the “School Hours and EDP” page.

*Sizes were submitted by parents
during the enrollment process.