Family Directory

Family directories are available two ways for MIS Families:

  1. The school administered directory is available through your RenWeb ParentsWeb account. This will provide a class listing with parent contact info. Please note on the login screen any browser incompatibility issues and follow directions to resolve them.

  2. The Parent Teacher Club's Online School Directory at is also accessible by all MIS Families and is useful in printing a full school directory. You should have received a link with access instructions at the beginning of the school year. The following features allow our community to stay connected in a safe and secure manner:

  • Available anywhere, anytime via computer, tablet and smartphone app

  •  Live updates for new and existing families

  • Ability to print your own hard copy directory

  • Ability to customize list of frequent contacts

  •  Map It! link to addresses via Google Maps

For instructions on how to access the mobile app and add it to your home screen, please visit: If you are interested in advertising with MIS via the directory, or if you have trouble with access of the directory, please contact the PTC vice president at 


Making Address, Phone Number and Email Changes:

  • Did you know that you can update your own contact information for our school records? No need to call the school office! Simply go on your RenWeb ParentsWeb account and click on School Information > Webforms > Family Demographics and then choose the contact info you want to change. If you have not created your own Renweb account, do so now by clicking here  and select "Create New ParentsWeb Account". (Please note: the District Code is MI-TX and the email address that you enter on setup must match the one that we have on file for you.) If you do not receive a confirmation email from RenWeb after setting up your account, first check the junk mail folder in your email...then if you still do not see it, please send an email and include Parent Name, your valid email address and a note on the problem.

  • A separate set of changes needs to be done through your login for the PTC's Online School Directory. The directory is separate from your Renweb account, and the two systems do not share a database. To make your changes, you must login to the computer version (not the mobile version) of the directory at Click on "My Account/My Family" tab at the top. It will provide directions for making your changes.