October PTC Notes

On behalf of the PTC Board, I would like to thank all of you who have participated and volunteered in the many PTC organized events this year – and we are only just wrapping up September!   We are so blessed to have such a strong Mustang Family and your participation and support are unmatched. 

We are in our fourth year using the MIS PTC online directory, MySchoolAnywhere.  We have approximately 600 parents who are accessing it regularly. This directory is administered by the PTC as we pay an annual license fee. (This is separate from RenWeb which is maintained by MIS administration). Julie Frederickson, PTC Vice President, has done a phenomenal job this year updating and cleaning up our directory, allowing us to focus more on utilizing the MSA directory’s volunteer sign-ups feature.  The PTC board and room parents use this as their main form of communication for classroom events and event sign ups.  It also allows event coordinators the ability to track and monitor the events plus send out reminder emails. For families who have multiple students and in various grades, it is a great way to view all your MIS volunteer signups in one system. You can print a list of your child’s classmates by grade and you can add families to your favorites list for quick reference.  If you are not currently using MSA or have questions on access or use please contact Julie Frederickson for assistance. 

A BIG thank you to our Volunteer of the Month, Jacob Riney.  Jacob has been instrumental in managing the Junior High Wing renovation project.  He has given an abundant amount of time, expertise and sweat!  Thank you so much Jacob!

Thank you to Nolia Norra and Angie Borino our Spiritual Enrichment Chair and Co-Chair for all their work in celebrating Mary’s birthday – this is always such a beautiful celebration.  They have also been working diligently on raising awareness, funds, and goods for the many recent tragedies that have occurred here in Texas, Florida, Mexico and now Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  We have many in our MIS Family who have been impacted by these events and I am so proud, although not at all surprised, by the generous response.

Save time for the Mary Immaculate Fall Festival on October 6-7th.  This is a wonderful event full of fun and community building for the whole family! Click here for more information: https://www.maryimmaculatechurch.org/fall-festival

As always, thank you to the countless volunteers who support the PTC, children, teachers and staff.  Our community is so strong because of each of you giving so selfless of your time and talents.

“Volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!”

Blessings Mustang Family!

Kristin Rogers, PTC President