November Krause's Korner

Our standardized testing for the year is complete, and this month you will be receiving scores for your students.  The Iowa Assessments for achievement testing shows what knowledge has been gained in the previous year and the COGAT for ability testing shows what the student can be capable of by measuring reasoning.  We use testing as a tool to help us understand your child better, as well to find areas for improvement within our own programs.  Below is my usual explanation of testing:

Why we test and what it is used for:

The teachers and staff use the test to evaluate where both individual students and the school need help or where both are succeeding. 

Students cannot pass or fail the Iowa test, nor are the results used to assign any academic marks.  Testing may be used for Decats or Duke Tip nominations, and high school selection.

Teachers utilize the information from their classes to look for areas we can work on.  By taking this test in the fall, teachers can use this information with the class they have now and thus improve overall education.

How to read scores:

Percentile rank is the score that shows where a student stands in comparison to others who took the same test this year.  It compares the scores and ranks students according to where their score lies on a 99-point scale.  50th percentile is the average score for this test.

Stanines show where a student’s score is on a Bell Curve when the curve is divided into 9 equal parts. The following can help interpret the stanines:   1-3 = Below Average Nationally;  4-6 = Average Nationally;  7-9 = Above Average Nationally  

With the Holidays just around the corner, we are entering a season when my word for the year may hold a bit more meaning.  Family is incredibly important to many during these months and I hope you can all spend time as a family just being together and enjoying the gift of each other.  With Thanksgiving coming we are reminded that a meal with our own family can be one of the best moments of our year…and I would remind you that you can do this every day with your own children.  In fact, I highly recommend it as a way to not only catch up at the end of the day, but to also be able to share what is important to you so that your children know you better. May you all have a blessed and fun Thanksgiving!

 God Bless,
Matthew Krause, Principal


The Pope’s Prayer Intention for November 2017

That Christians in Asia, bearing witness to the Gospel in word and deed, may promote dialogue, peace, and mutual understanding, especially with those of other religions.