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The mission of Mary Immaculate
School is to provide academic excellence in a Catholic and Christ-centered environment.

Our Philosophy

Mary Immaculate Catholic School exists to provide a Catholic education for the children of Mary Immaculate Catholic Parish. We strive to provide an education program permeated with Catholic truths and values. This encourages academic excellence through both high expectations and celebrations of individual differences and achievements. We endeavor to accomplish this within an atmosphere that affirms the individual as a capable and significant child of God and that encourages growth in responsibility, accountability and respectfulness.

Who We Serve

Mary Immaculate Catholic School serves a diverse student population from northwest Dallas County and southern Denton County, and is known for its superior learning programs and nurturing environment that helps young people develop into capable, responsible, and respectful young adults. We welcome families from all faith backgrounds to share the blessings of a Catholic school. We strive to make a quality Catholic education available, accessible and affordable in order to serve students of all economic backgrounds.