Mary Immaculate School places great emphasis on utilizing modern technology to enhance the learning process. A solid grasp of technology skills is fostered and students follow an Acceptable Use Policy to promote safe and ethical use of the Internet and all other technologies. Technology has become an essential part of daily life and we incorporate cutting-edge technology to enrich the ways in which our teachers teach and our students learn:

  • A fully equipped computer lab is available for teachers and students. All grades have a weekly lab time, and middle school students have access to the lab prior to the start of the school day for assistance with their multimedia presentations. In addition to learning Microsoft Office Suite applications, students learn keyboarding, coding and web design.

  • Classrooms are equipped with portable laptops and projectors, enabling teachers and students to access the Internet and United Streaming and use programs such as Power Point and Inspiration for instruction and presentation. Individual classrooms also have computer stations for students to use for research and Accellerated Reader testing.

  • All K-6th classrooms feature interactive whiteboards, projectors and digital cameras to make learning engaging and interactive. 80" touch-sensitive interactive screens in the 7th and 8th grade classrooms are the most recent addition.

  • Twenty laptop computers in the school library provide full access to research materials under the guidance of classroom teachers and the librarian.

  • Five iPad labs on wheels, each containing 20-30 iPads, can be checked out by teachers for student use in all classrooms.

  • Renweb's ParentWeb provides parent information on individual student progress.

  • Modern web tools, resources, and a robust wireless network expands and supports the world of learning for our students.