Advisory Council (AC)

The Advisory Council (AC) acts in an advisory capacity to the pastor of Mary Immaculate Parish. The purpose of the AC is to be the local policy making body of Mary Immaculate Catholic School in accordance with the policies of the Diocesan Advisory Council, administration regulations of the Catholic Education Office of the Diocese of Dallas, and all applicable federal and state laws.

The AC establishes local policy with the approval of the pastor, who has final authority in all matters, including but not limited to reporting formats and schedules, how the school and its support organization will raise and spend money, review constitutions of support organizations for compliance with local and diocesan policy and develops and directs implementation of the Strategic Plan.

The AC is responsible for the submission of the school budget to the pastor for review by the Parish Financial Council and the continuous monitoring of the school budget to insure financial stability.

The Advisory Council meets the third Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the Church Conference Room. Any MIS family can attend the AC or PTC general sessions.

2019-20 Advisory Council

President  |  Sean McIntyre
Vice-President  |  Mike Murray
Secretary  |  Matthew Brandt

Alan Bergin
Steven Bristow
Pamela Krakosky
Pat Gasper
Robert Griffin
Adele Verdiguel

Meeting Minutes

Approval of prior month's Advisory Council meeting minutes is required at each meeting (e.g. August Minutes approved at the September meeting). Minutes will be posted below shortly after official approval. There are no meetings in June, July and December.

2019-20 Minutes

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2018-19 Minutes