Safe Environment Program

Safe Environment

Cathy Carmack
Safe Environment
p. 972-243-7105 x302
e. [email

Ensuring our children, staff, and visitors are safe is of upmost importance at Mary Immaculate Catholic School. We screen volunteers and adhere to all requirements of the Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment Program (SEP).


All volunteers are required to:

  1. Complete the Diocese Screening form. It can either be filled out online at Online Diocese Screening Form or fill out a blank form from the school office. Either form can be sent into the school office.

  2. View the 'Recognizing, Responding and Reporting Abuse' video featuring Bishop Burns. SEP classes are held at Mary Immaculate in the Art/Science Room. They are two hours long and posted on our calendar.

  3. Read two documents: Sign and return Safe Environment Program Booklet Acknowledgement Form (also available as the last page on the Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment Program for Diocesan Entities document).


Volunteers who have completed the initial training above must annually update their training by clicking [here] and completing the diocesan instructions. Upon completion of your re-certification online, please print or email a copy of your verification page to the Safe Environment contact listed above.

If a person fails to meet this requirement, they will become immediately ineligible to continue to serve. If they wish to "reinstate" their eligibility, they will be required not only to update their training but also meet any other requirements of the screening process that are effective currently. This can mean further paperwork for the person to complete and may delay a person's return to eligibility.