Heart of Gold Auction

Mary Immaculate’s Heart of Gold Auction is the Parent Teacher Club’s largest and most engaging event each year. Funds raised at this event cover classroom needs, field trips, Wish List items and more. Proceeds also contribute towards bridging the gap between tuition and actual costs to educate each child. 

Remember the Mustangs!


The 2018-19 theme, “Remember the Mustangs,” encourages us to thank coaches who promoted camaraderie, leadership, and more through MIS athletics. Honorary Co-Chairs for the 2019 Auction include (in alphabetical order): Jim Bitterman, Pat Carter, Don Coffin, Matt Colley, Carey Murawski, and Kimberly Murawski.*

Special thanks to MIS Alum AJ Viti for doing a fabulous job with this year's Auction video! It captures the essence of what we strive to be: fun, faithful, academically excellent and a community that embraces each kiddo for who they are!
MIS teachers opened this year's Heart of Gold Auction with a special song/dance tied to the theme - Remember the Mustangs!

The 2018-19 auction was held February 23, 2019 at the Renaissance Hotel and was open to parents, faculty, alumni, parishioners and anyone else who supports Catholic education at Mary Immaculate! 

Special thanks to Auction Co-Chairs, Committee, and Gift Giving Party Hosts for their hard work on this very important fundraiser for our school:

  • Co-Chairs: Steven Bristow, Mike Pfaffenberger, Steve Pfaffenberger

  • Committee: Shana Bristow, Jonna Daboub, Lisa Guerra, Christina Kolassa, Nichole Peck, Kristin Rogers and RoseMary Tovar.

  • Raffle Chairs: Pat Gasper and Pamela Krakosky

  • Gift Giving Hosts: Amy & Chris Hill, Jenny & Eric Long, Janice & Michael McKemie.

* The 2019 Heart of Gold Auction Chairs were challenged to identify only six coaches as honorary co-chairs. They determined two factors were required: 1) diversity in coaching multiple sports and 2) coaching well beyond the years they had children at the school. MIS has been blessed with many coaches who have given selflessly to help our students and school. Because there have been many athletic volunteers, these individuals were selected to represent various eras and those who coached with them. We appreciate the efforts of all our athletic coaches!