Lunch Program

Twelve Oaks Catering Contact

p. 214-956-9797

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a. 10875 Shady Trail, Dallas, TX 75220


Mary Immaculate contracts with Twelve Oaks Catering to provide students with fresh, nutritious lunches

The Twelve Oaks Catering system works similar to A DEBIT CARD system, except that all transactions are handled by a student number. You may send money (check or cash) to the school for your child's lunch. This money is deposited to each child's Twelve Oaks Catering account for purchases in the cafeteria. As the child comes through the food line, the amount of his/her purchase is deducted by computer from their account. All food items purchased are recorded to the Student's Account.

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DRX is the website that manages Twelve Oaks Catering accounts. You may find further details and funding options for your child's Twelve Oaks Catering account at the DRX website. The school id for MIS is: tocmica.

K to 1st Grade students will use their Twelve Oaks Catering account but teachers will assist them in entering their account code.

2nd  to 8th  Grade Students will be required to memorize their account in order to access their account. If you wish to further protect your child's account we offer daily spending limits and individual items restrictions. Ask the Cafeteria Director for details.

If your account has a balance at the end of the School Year, this balance will be carried over to the next year or refunded for all graduates or all other requests. (All refund requests should be made to the Twelve Oaks Catering Offices)