Admissions Process

Kindergarten students must be five years old on or before September 1 to attend Kindergarten. Assessments are given to all incoming Kindergartners to determine a starting point for learning.

Kindergarten students must be five years old on or before September 1 to attend Kindergarten. Assessments are given to all incoming Kindergartners to determine a starting point for learning.

1) Complete the Application found [here] and submit application fee.

Applications will open later this Fall. They are considered based on the following priority:

  • Priority 1: Siblings of currently enrolled families

  • Priority 2: Mary Immaculate Parish and St. Ann Parish members

  • Priority 3: Members from other Catholic Parishes

  • Priority 4: Non-Catholics

WAIT LISTS: Once you complete the application, you will be placed on a wait list for the school year for which you submit registration papers.

NON-ENGLISH applications/documents must be accompanied with an English translation.

2) Provide supplemental documents.

Official copies of the following documents will be required before registration is complete. These can be uploaded with the application, sent via hardcopy, or emailed to

  • birth certificate

  • immunization record

  • baptismal certificate (Catholic families only)

  • legal custody agreement (if parents are separated or divorced)

  • if Kindergarten: completed Student Profile for Kindergarten Teacher's Use form, for use by the upcoming Kindergarten teacher

3) Request information to be sent from the student's current school

Transcript: If applying to 1st through 8th grade, the student’s current school will need to send report cards, attendance, and conduct records. Click [here] for a transcript request form .

A New Student Information form should also be submitted to the student's current school for them to fax or mail back:

Click [here] if applying for Kindergarten.

Click [here] if applying for First Grade.

Click [here] if applying for Grades 2 through 8.

4) admissions interview

Once the school has received a complete application package and all supplemental documents, we will contact you for an admissions interview. The student and at least one parent/guardian must attend the interview with the administration team.

5) Accept Admission Offer.

Students selected for admission must send notice of their intent to attend along with their registration fees and Smart Tuition form by March 20, 2019. At this time, families will complete the final enrollment package online. Accepted families are required to sign up for the SmartTuition program, which manages tuition payments.

Catholic families who would like to register as parishioners at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church can do so here. Families may also opt to participate in online giving to contribute the $800 minimum annual tithe.

All new students entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grades will be scheduled for a Math Placement Exam to be conducted in May.

All new Kindergarten students will be scheduled for a Kindergarten Screening Assessment to be conducted in April. The cost of this screening is $20.


If your student is coming in from outside the U.S., we will need a copy of the F-1 Visa for your student in addition to the information requested in the application process. When enrollment is offered, we will contact you to get the info needed to apply for the I-20 (International Student Request Form). Please note that immunization records must be transcribed into English by clinic or physician.

Admission Standards

As per Texas state law, Kindergarten students must be five years old on or before September 1 to attend kindergarten.  If you have a child who will turn five in the summer prior to the beginning of the school year and you are unsure if your child is ready for kindergarten, talk with your preschool director.

For students applying for grades 1-8, the admissions staff reviews each applicant's completed registration packet. Students considered for entry will be those that, upon evaluation and review of the registration packet, meet all of the following criteria:

  • The student has the academic ability to be successful at MIS. To determine this, the admissions staff reviews standardized test scores, report card grades, and teacher recommendations. A student who is not passing all subjects may not be considered for admission.

  • The student has demonstrated history of appropriate motivation and effort. Determined by review of report card conduct/effort and teacher recommendation, the student must show attentiveness in class, consistently completed homework, and being prepared for class.

  • The student has consistently demonstrated cooperation with school rules and treats classmates and all school personnel with respect and kindness.  He/she has demonstrated good conduct and citizenship in class, halls, playground, cafeteria, on field trips, etc. A student who has been suspended or asked to leave any academic environment may not be considered for admission. To determine if a student meets this criterion, the admissions staff reviews the conduct and effort portion of the report card, teacher recommendations, observations of a student's behavior while on campus, and insights from the admissions interview.